Whey Protein, 2 kg, Rich Milk Chocolate 100% Ultra-Premium Whey Protein (POWDER)

Rs. 4700   

Rs. 4700


Package Size: 2KG

Composition: NA


Description: 100% Ultra-Premium Whey Protein Supplement The MuscleBlaze Whey Protein comes loaded with 25g protein, 5.6g of BCAA's and 4.4g of glutamic acid in a single serving of 33g, thereby stimulating faster recovery and lean muscle gain post workout for bodybuilders and gym goers. "No one can stop you from having a great body but you.” - And if you want one, MuscleBlaze Whey Protein is the best whey protein supplement you can use to power your muscle gains. Powered by 25g protein per serving, with 5.6g of BCAA and 4g of glutamic acid, it delivers a potent mix for muscle gain, recovery, and faster muscle synthesis. The product comes with a unique code which the customer can use on MuscleBlaze website or through SMS to authenticate the originality of the supplement. With each protein supplement, we aim to meet the expectation of the customer and ensure our customer settles for nothing but the best.

Use: Muscleblaze whey protein with 25g protein and 5. 5G bcaa per serving makes it the best whey protein supplement powder Muscleblaze whey protein is manufactured using whey from united states of america ensuring protein quality of international standards Whey protein isolate, the major ingredient also considered the most superior form of protein is the primary source of protein with whey protein concentrate as the secondary source It comes with added digestive enzymes which help with faster and easier digestion of protein in 4 different flavours namely rich milk chocolate, cafe mocha, vanilla and strawberry Consumers aiming for muscle gain should mix 1 scoop (32g) in 180-200 ml water and take 1-2 shakes per day

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